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Infertility Counseling


My interest in fertility counseling and third party reproduction started with my own journey through infertility.  I understand that infertility is one of the most stressful experiences a woman and her partner can go through. Month after month the cycle of hope, dread, disappointment, anger, and sadness continues as you do everything in your power to become pregnant. Your mind becomes plagued with negative thoughts. These thoughts may be different for each woman but often include frustration, blame, inadequacy, guilt, judgment, shame, and bitterness. Your relationship with your partner suffers and you find it difficult to maintain relationships with friends who seem to be effortlessly creating families. You are stressed out, anxious, depressed, and angry. You have trouble concentrating at work. You make up excuses not to attend baby showers or hangout with friends who have children. And, you feel more alone.


If this sounds familiar, I can help. I will provide you with a safe environment to process this unexpected journey to creating your family. I will help you create a specific plan to:


  • Reduce stress.

  • Feel more in control.

  • Develop skills to manage negative thinking.

  • Find freedom from sadness, anxiety, and guilt.

  • Increase self-confidence and self-understanding.

  • Learn communication skills to strengthen connection with your partner and loved ones.

  • Implement lifestyle changes to enhance fertility.

  • Learn how to mentally prepare for fertility treatments and make emotional and financial decisions about expanding your family.

  • Participate in the non-fertility part of your life again.
















Presentations I've Given

Building Mindfulness Skills with Infertility - Resolve Infertility Support Group, Asheville, NC

Supporting the Emotional Health of the Infertile Woman - Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group, Asheville, NC

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Infertility - Perinatal Emotional Health Network, Asheville, NC

Understanding Assisted Reproductive Technology and Mental Health - Perinatal Emotional Health Network, Asheville, NC

Grieving Perinatal Loss - Perinatal Emotional Health Network, Asheville, NC

In addition to individual infertility counseling, I perform psychological evaluations for gamete donors and gamete recipients, and couple consultations for third party reproduction services. I am also a preferred counseling provider for the Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group (PREG).  


Strategies for Thriving while Trying to Conceive is free monthly Infertility Support GroupThe group is designed to fill your toolbox with ways to get your life back while trying to conceive. Contact me if you're interested. We currently meet the second Monday of the month. **This group is on hold for the time being.**

Let's Make a Plan

Experiencing infertility is depleting, frustrating, lonely, and all consuming. If you would like to begin actively coping with your pain and reducing your stress, contact me to set up an appointment.


Have a Laugh

Stephanie Jackson helps us laugh at some of the painful things we have to go through when TTC. Her digital comedy series Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat can be seen in 2 minute episodes on Youtube. Spoiler/trigger alert, she does get pregnant eventually, but I think the struggle she experiences in the first few episodes of the first season well chronicle the initial struggle many women face.

Camille Preston has suffered through infertility and shares her experience in this TED talk.

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