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Infertility Counseling

The Postpartum Experience

Eventually, most of my clients get pregnant. I wish I could say that the moment you get a positive pregnancy test after years of trying that all the pain, fear, and anxiety just melt away, but they don't. On the bright side, women who've worked with me during their infertility gain the skills they'll need to tap into figuring out life with a new baby. 

If you've never experienced infertility, but have suffered a traumatic or unexpected parts of birth, I can help you make sense of this life changing experience and heal. 

A very large percentage of women experience significant mood changes after giving birth. Our culture has nicknamed some of this "the baby blues" which can feel as if it's not as important or it'll go away on it's own. It is important that you talk to someone about your feelings, no matter how dark and scary and "unmotherlike" you might think they are. (We think they're unmotherlike because people aren't talking about this enough!)

I have trained with Postpartum Support International and love to help new moms make sense of this new identity. Becoming a mother is the biggest shift in our lives since adolescence. I love this TED talk on matrescence, a term coined by a perinatal psychiatrist to honor this dramatic change.

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