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  • Allison Ramsey, Asheville Fertility Counselor

A Diet Hack for Fertility

Counseling for infertility

A Diet Hack for Fertility

I'm not usually one for diet hacks of any kind, but when I read this blogpost from Creating a Family I knew I had to share it. So often when women have trouble conceiving they start investigating all the things they shouldn't do - don't drink alcohol, don't over exercise, don't stay up too late, don't google all of your symptoms, all of this don'ting feels like deprivation.

Finally we have some research-backed information on something to add to your life - Protein. I don't know if it will help your fertility problem, but if you're not getting enough protein this may be a hack that serves other purposes in your health beyond getting pregnant. I know that trying to conceive can cause you to investigate making a lot of different changes in your life, and sometimes all those changes become overwhelming and are of little help. Try to look at the next change along the lines of how it may add to your life instead of take away. See if you can make the change feel like a choice you make for your health instead of just for pregnancy.

Allison Ramsey is a licensed professional counselor and fertility counseling specialist in the Asheville area. She’s a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and completed their certificate training in mental health counseling for infertility. Contact her to start feeling better.

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